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Why – Under Tile Heating ? (Short Version) Wed, 13 Jan 2016 13:25:38 +0000 Underfloor Heating as part of your tiling project

Tiler in Manchester, under tile heating.

If you watch any home improvement TV shows you will often see that as part of a new build or renovation project that people choose underfloor heating.


For starters it is more comfortable, conventional heating with wall mounted radiators create draughts – that is how they are designed to work by circulating cold air in at the floor level, heating it and the heated air naturally rising to the ceiling. Eventually the entire room warms up, but until that happens the room can feel draughty as the air moves around in a big circle.With underfloor heating, the entire floor operates like a lower temperature radiator element.

Underfloor heating also saves space, no wall mounted radiators means more flexibility with room layout, where you position furniture etc.

Finally, underfloor heating is safer, unlike radiators that run hot, underfloor heating is warm, so no risk of scolding for the elderly or young children.

Which system – a quick summary

There are 2 main types of system. ‘Wet’, which comprises pipes running under the flooring surface, with warm water being pumped through them, or ‘dry’ , which consists of electrical wires being run under the flooring surface.

There is no such thing as ‘best’, as best will depend on what is most important for you and your installation. I

f you haven’t gone time to read all the details and just want a simple summary, then for bathroom renovation projects dry (electrical) underfloor heating usually has the most advantages, whereas for large, new build projects then wet systems make the most sense.

Undertile Heating Manchester

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Spring is on its way !!!!! Fri, 03 Jan 2014 14:26:45 +0000 It might seem a long way away but you might be thinking of that “Spring Clean Feeling !!

Your tiles, be it floor or walls just might need that extra loving care.  Look no further than the professional wall & floor tiler in manchester, we at Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited can provide that spring clean that your grout may need or the silicone that might need replacing too.  We guarantee that you will feel happier once we have been let loose in your kitchen, bathroom, wet room, balcony,conservatory or even if you have tiles in your living room.





Give us a call for a free quotation.

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Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year Sat, 21 Dec 2013 17:56:56 +0000 We at Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Ltd would like to wish all our previous customers and our potential new customers

A Very Merry Christmas and a

Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Thinking about having a new bathroom, kitchen or conservatory or are you thinking of having your bathroom or kitchen re grouted in the new year.  We at Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited are the company that can do just that.  The old cliche goes ………… “your only as good as your last job”  So before you consider any tiler ensure you take a look at some of their previous work, this will give you more piece of mind.

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Not the 1st time, Not the 2nd time but the 3rd time ……. Sat, 23 Nov 2013 15:38:36 +0000 “Yet another job well done by Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited”

Recently completed work at a customers home in Northwich, well here goes !

First tiler – recommended from a tile shop – You would have thought that the shop would have at least recommended a “good tiler” and vetted their previous work, well you know what thought did !!

Second attempt – tiler recommended by a so called “tradesman type website” well even that you would have thought would be a decent enough tiler……well you know what thought did !!!

We at tiler in manchester always recommend to our customers to always take a look a previous work done before hiring anyone because the old saying is true……you are only as good as your last job.

I was the “third attempt” here goes……….see review below “WOW”

I am not an easy customer to please and after two failed attempts at tiling my bathroom by cowboy builders, I am so pleased I asked Andy and Andrew to take on the job. 
They assessed the problem wall in great detail and explained the various problems that could arise from completing the repairs so that there were no more unpleasant surprises, and then managed to fit in the work with their busy schedule in record time. 
The quality of work produced is something rarely seen these days. Andy takes great pride in his work and doesn’t rush just to get the job done. It has to be finished to a high standard and he has every right to be proud of his reputation as his finish is flawless. I was amazed by how clean and tidy they left the bathroom, again, something rarely seen by tradesmen these days! Andy knows his stuff and offers sound advice. I will not hesitate to use Andy Carroll and Son Tiling Ltd again. In fact, I won’t be using any other tiler from now on. I’d rather wait until the job can be done properly, first time, by Andy and Andrew. –

Sharon @ Northwich

Thank you Sharon

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