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At Andy Carroll Tiling we take pride in our workmanship on every commercial and domestic tiling project. We ensure our customers are happy every time which is why the majority of our projects are a result of recommendations!

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    We know customers want end result in terms of a quality finish that will add value to their property and be a source of pride once installed. Added to that punctual, reliable workers who will focus on the job and be courteous and professional. At Andy Carroll Tiling this is the tiling service we provide.

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    Jul 8 2015

    Heating Tiled Floors And The Benefits

    The benefits of heating tiled floors

    Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited have recently seen a big increase in the number of our customers enquiring about under floor heating so here’s a bit more info for anyone interested.

    Tile and stone floors are perfect for underfloor heating due to their thermal mass and high thermal conductivity…In other words they deliver radiant heat quickly and retain heat well!

    With under-tile heating, walking on a chilly floor is a thing of the past, it’s the perfect solution whether it be for individual rooms or whole house heating; some of our customers have used it as a primary heat source and others just for that little bit extra in the winter!

    Under-tile heating is quickly becoming an industry favourite and we can see why:

    1. Comfortable, even climate

    Electric underfloor heating radiates heat evenly upwards from your floor to create a comfortable all over temperature controlled by you through your thermostat, unlike traditional heating systems where the top of the room is usually over heated to allow lower parts to reach a comfortable temperature.

    1. Cost effectiveness

    Electric underfloor heating is more energy efficient as gas boilers waste energy through exhaust gases and there is high heat loss in the pipe work, underfloor heating does not waste energy by overheating, saving you £££’s!

    Manchester tilers Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited have been using Thermonet electric underfloor heating which can be up to 99% efficient at the point of use (when installed in a well-insulated area and controlled by an economical heating schedule).

    1. Practically maintenance free

    To put it simply it’s just a cable underneath the floor and a thermostat on your wall!

    Unless it gets physically damaged underfloor heating has no real potential to go wrong, as it doesn’t even have any moving parts!

    1. Allergy friendly

    Unlike radiators, under-tile heating is good for allergy sufferers as it doesn’t push dust around the room in convected air.

    It also raises floor temperatures and stops moisture on the floor, heavily reducing the population of dust mites in your room!

    1. Space saving

    With under floor heating there is no need for radiators and we think the invisible, silent operation gives our customers that extra bit of luxury they are looking for!

    Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited have been using the Vario Pro system, from Thermogroup UK which combines underfloor heating and uncoupling technology in a single fast track solution. This product is so quick and easy to install both ourselves and our customers love it!

    Here tiler manchester is installing the system for one of our customers, the Vario ProMat uncoupling membrane combined with the TwistedTwin electric cable makes the installation process so simple and speedy.

    Customer lending a helping hand !

    Customer lending a helping hand !


    Thermonet Under Tile Heating System

    Thermonet Under Tile Heating System

    It’s the ultimate floor preparation with a build-up of just 5.5mm, protects your new tiled floor from de-lamination and its waterproof too!

    Get in touch to transform your cold tiles in to a cosy comfortable floor!

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