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At Andy Carroll Tiling we take pride in our workmanship on every commercial and domestic tiling project. We ensure our customers are happy every time which is why the majority of our projects are a result of recommendations!

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    We know customers want end result in terms of a quality finish that will add value to their property and be a source of pride once installed. Added to that punctual, reliable workers who will focus on the job and be courteous and professional. At Andy Carroll Tiling this is the tiling service we provide.

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    Aug 11 2013

    NEWSFLASH…..Another “Cowboy”

    Just when I had seen it all....then along came this !

    Just when I had seen it all….then along came this !

    ....and this

    ….and this

    ....and this.....and

    ….and this…..and

    ....finally this !!!!!

    ….finally this !!!!!


    Andy Carroll & Son tiler manchester was asked to provide a quotation and this is what we were faced with (as above).  I felt really sorry for the customer and felt I should blog this and take my hat off to the “plasterer” who said they could tile !  Bring it on “Cowboys”

    I was just trying to imagine how this so called tradesman felt whilst tiling this customers bathroom.  I cant imagine how he could look back on his days work and think “Im very pleased with this, I could not have done it any better”

    This is what us good professional tiler manchester are faced with when pricing jobs.  We are pricing against these so called multi-tradesman who say they can tile!  The grouting was never started as the customer kicked him out of their home.

    Unfortunately the customer did not have enough funds left to be able to employ a professional wall & floor tiler to put right.

    Please be aware that the saying goes “You are only as good as your last job” so ensure you take a look at their previous work, references and even their reviews.  Please see our reviews on the following links.,or.r_qf.&fp=509a4d23c1d24a&q=tiler+manchester+google&lrd=lrd

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