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At Andy Carroll Tiling we take pride in our workmanship on every commercial and domestic tiling project. We ensure our customers are happy every time which is why the majority of our projects are a result of recommendations!

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    We know customers want end result in terms of a quality finish that will add value to their property and be a source of pride once installed. Added to that punctual, reliable workers who will focus on the job and be courteous and professional. At Andy Carroll Tiling this is the tiling service we provide.

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    Wet Rooms Manchester

    Wet Rooms Manchester

    Our Wet Rooms Manchester design and installation service will help you convert your existing bathroom or a spare room into a luxurious yet extremely practical room.
    A wet room can be an efficient use of limited space in a small existing bathroom or a box room. As well as a walk-in shower, wall mounted sinks and toilets can be accommodated into the design without compromising the amount of space available.

    wet rooms manchester

    Our wet rooms Manchester installation service ensures that your wet room is completely watertight and drains correctly.

    We start by installing a moulded shower floor which has a built-in gradient of approximately 2 degrees. This simply slots into the existing floor to produce a perfectly formed shower area and allows for consistent drainage every time. This moulded shower floor comes in a number of shapes and sizes to suit all needs and is suitable for larger format and mosaic tiles. Once the moulded floor is in place and we have checked that the rest of the wet room floor finishes flush to it we then create a solid and water-resistant substrate for the tiles. We achieve this by using a backerboard made from premium cement and sand which is guaranteed to withstand the humid conditions of your wet room.

    The third step involves ensuring that there is a waterproof seal all around the showering area. This is achieved by applying a waterproof matting to the wall and floor surfaces. As well as ensuring a complete barrier against water and moisture penetration to the substrates beneath it also provides a key for the tile adhesive.

    Next we install the underfloor heating. The appeal of a tiled wet room floor, in terms of hygiene, practicality and aesthetics, cannot be denied, but it can, equally, be cold and uninviting, especially during the winter months. Underfloor heating can, therefore, be an excellent addition to your wet room. Wet room floor heating allows tiles to be heated to a temperature that is comfortable to walk on, and also radiates heat to the room above, raising the air temperature, and allows wet surfaces to dry more quickly.

    The final step is to tile the walls and floor with your chosen tiles ensuring that they are suitable to withstand the demanding conditions of a wet room, preferably ceramic or porcelain tiles which are non-porous. The floor should be covered with tiles specifically designed for use on wet room floors which are less slippery when wet.

    As well as its aesthetic qualities, a wet room is also very practical, as there is level access into the shower area which enables safe and easy access. This feature being particularly useful to disabled and less able users.

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    Wet Rooms Manchester

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